We want to apply this concept to other inspiring places such as Tarifa, Balearic Islands, San Sebastian… and even in cities like Madrid or Barcelona.

We are looking for investors who want to support this model of SUSTAINABLE AND WELL COLIVING. We can find the property to develop the whole project or also analyze existing properties of owners, where we can replicate the model.

Contact us. We look forward to talking to you.

For us, design is a vehicle that leads us to a purpose of wellbeing. More than ever we need health, inspiration and creativity, so in this community we are also committed to the creation of content and experiences related to the home that help us to achieve this purpose. 


Because there are other alternatives to conventional housing, to the way of working, to the Airbnb model… we believe that the coliving & coworking model is here to stay… and it is not only for students.

Thanks to technology, more and more professionals have more freedom to decide where and how they want to develop their work.


But sometimes so much technology leads to greater loneliness, so new ways of living are imposed where sharing work spaces and social areas in community and privacy without sacrificing comfort are essential factors. These locations can be temporary or long term, as work and living needs in the modern world evolve at a much faster pace.


The rising cost of housing is also making society start to consider living in a more ecological, lighter, practical way… renting is becoming more popular than buying a traditional home, both for living and for a second home.


We believe that there are and will be more and more profiles demanding this product for all ages, needs, tastes, comfort levels… even luxury. even in the luxury sector. From the group of retired friends who want to live together but maintain their private spaces, to new population niches such as single-parent families, convinced singles who are committed to their professional careers and who want to enjoy their leisure time…


With the worldwide pandemic, teleworking has grown exponentially.


In these uncertain times our lifestyles have taken a 360-degree turn. We don’t think of travelling as we used to, but rather we think of getaways in small groups to quiet, uncrowded, natural and inspiring places where we can live with all the comforts and connections to be able to work delocalised with the ones we most love.


This new paradigm gives even more strength to our concept as the houses we design have wellness measures that take care of the health of the people who live in them while offering all the features we need for today’s times.


In 2018, when we started the project development, we considered our concept as the houses of the FUTURE that, with the pandemic, have become the houses of the NOW.  The COVID19 has accelerated the whole process.


Our coliving pilot in Cantabria due to its size and flexible design can be rented as a whole for families, who require between 4 and 7 double rooms or for companies that would like to relocate in small departmental groups to co-create new strategies and prepare themselves for the new uncertainty. 










 Through our main company THE SIBARIST PROPERTY & HOMES we design HOMES THAT CARE FOR YOU with property developers to bring innovative, healthy and sustainable homes to the market.

If you are a developer and are interested in our concept, contact us.